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My prediction on the U.S. election 2020 was fulfilled, now this will happen in Ghana come December 7

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A prediction is to foretell an event or something. When we predict, we say something specific that will happen in the future. Though it is tough to make predictions, especially about the future, sometimes, it is easy to predict. Predicting the future mostly depends on the past and the current information that are available. To predict an election is mostly very difficult, but looking back at the past, and looking at the current situations, prediction can be easily done. 

Prior to the Americans election 2020, there were many online opinion polls and many predictions from different sources around the world going in favour of the Democrat’s Joe Biden. After the election, it turned up that about 80% of the predictions and the opinion polls were fulfilled. Thinking about this, we know that since the 90s, the Americans voting pattern has been 8 years for each president. Why couldn’t President Trump secure a second term? Why would such a large number of predictions, go in favour of Joe Biden?   The answer is…some predictions are easy and obvious. 

Right after President Trump took office; his way of leadership could tell how he will end up. And based the fulfillments of his promises, his performances, character and many others, one could predict his re-election and his defeat. 

Prior Ghana’s 2016 elections; though an NDC faithful, I predicted a win with a narrow a margin for Nana Akuffo Addo and the NPP. My prediction at that time was based on nothing, except for the fact that, Ghanaians give each political party two terms of 8 years in office. And so the NDC as at 2016 had their 8 years rule. I got one of my predictions right and one wrong. NPP truely won the elections, but not with a narrow margin; it was a massive win.

Again in 2020, before the Americans elections; though a Ghanaian, living in Ghana, I predicted a one term for Mr. Trump and an embarrassing defeat for him based on my personal reasons. All the news read, all the information about the happening in American, and issues concerning President Trump gave me the clues. And my two predictions (one term president and embarrassing defeat) all came to pass.

Now, come December 7 2020, this will happen in Ghana. John Mahama and Nana Addo will clash again at the polls to see who wins a second term. This election will be free, fair and a peaceful election.

My prediction here is simple and obvious. Everything about this election shows Nana Addo will win his second term. Ghanaians have not yet change that 8 years voting pattern. And I don’t think it will change now.

 At this time, Nana Addo wouldn’t get his massive win again…and that is my prediction.

Do you agree with my prediction, or do you have a different view? Please tell me in the comment box. 

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