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"We Are Not In A State Of Insecurity" - Adams Bona, A Security Analyst Reveals On The Seat Show!

Recent occurrences in the country have made some people think and say that Ghana is in the state of insecurity.

The killing of J.B Danquah, Ahmed Suale, Major Major Mahama and more recently the shooting of the Mfantsiman MP.

Those I have mentioned are the popular ones but many more people have fallen prey without the knowledge of the public.

"Ghana have cases of insecurity but not yet in the state of insecurity" Adams Bona revealed.

His reason was very simple. According to Adams Bona 99 percent of Ghanaians will go to bed and they will wake up tomorrow morning without being attacked. 99 percent of Ghanaians will drive from point A to point B without being attacked.

The above scenarios are signs that Ghana haven't entered into the zone of insecurity yet.

Banks and hospitals are still operating without any interruptions. When these essential facilities are intercepted and interrupted that is when you can say we are in the state of insecurity.

Countries like south Sudan, Syria and the rest have reached state of insecurity because you cannot walk in these countries without being attacked.

According to Adams Bona it is safer to walk on the streets of Accra than to walk on the streets of London.

But he also clarified that even though it safer in Accra than it is in London, the London police has serious intelligence and movements.

As soon as something happens on the street of London it is over 90 percent that the culprits will be fished out as soon as possible but that is not the case in Accra or Ghana.

"Our police should adapt security intelligence. Most of our police personnel are asleep" Adams Bona mentioned.

There should be movements among the police but they are so relax even in the midst of these cases of insecurity.

For example when the Mfantsiman MP was shot, by now the police should have moved and made some arrests but nothing like that has happened.

Adams also mentioned that if the western Togoland situation is not treated with urgency and intelligence, it might escalate to a level we won't be able to control.

According to Adams Bona if these cases of insecurity are not treated with urgency, it can lead to the state of insecurity.

But may God help us.

What do you think about Adams Bona' opinion?

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