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CHRAJ Must Take Actions On How Domelevo's SSNIT Data Leaked To The Social Media - Prof Stephen Asare

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A member of the centre of democratic development 4 Ghana (CDD-Ghana)  who is known as professor kwaku Asare,  has called on the commission on human rights and administrative Justice,   to you whether to investigate on the leakage of former Daniel Yao Domelevo, auditor-general’s  Social Security records by the audit.

He made it clear that the act was in breach of the General's constitutional right to privacy and could go a long  way to undermine the trust people have in state  institutions.

Enjoy news today from a service that said  he believes that CHRAJ  should investigate how they got the Senate data and furthermore how someone's social records were linked and was found also if it is very shameful. 

Quarry meaning an information given to social security people are expected to be kept in secret or expected to be kept confidential not to give to the people or less a league on social Media's if they are going to trust institutions.

He was a made it clear how the president could breach once constitutional right and yet made it available for people to post it on Facebook accounts and other social media platforms. 

In conclusion,  he said that even though the Audit gen general might not  have done his work well, but his data should be leaked on the social media because it very unfair.

My own words, do you think its a good thing a trusted institution like SNNIT to leak the data of someone, and on the more note he is highly respectable person. Do you thing its right.

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