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Origin And Meaning Of the Name Of One The Most Popular Cities in Ghana

Names are very important elements. They permit to identify people, things and places. There are unlimited numbers of names in the world. Because , at every period of time, names are created. Sometimes due to a situation, event, or tradition. Wether in africa ,america, europe or asia ,names have origins and meaning. But today ,we are putting our interest on the name of ,one of the most popular City in Ghana called Kumasi.

Picture of the Asante Kingdom Palace in the 1900

Kumasi is a city of the Ashanti region of Ghana, and the past capital of the Asante Kingdom. The word Kumasi Came from " Kum no ase" which means " Under the Kum tree". The original name of the present Kumasi was " Kwaman" .

Kumasi in recent days

The changing of the name of the city from kwaman to Kumasi , happened during the war between the Ashanti people and the fante people. The priest Okomfo Anokye had prophesied that before the Asante people could defeat the fante people, the then Denkyira and rise to prominence, they needed a Golden Stool, A brave leader to lead them , and a capital city.

Picture of the Fetish Priest Okomfo Anokye

Following that, he planted two " Kum trees" in the then Ashanti kingdom. One at " Bankafo" and the other one at " Kwaman". After planting the trees he prophesied that one of the two trees will die, while the other will grow and flourish.

The Garden city in the 1900

Eventually the Kum tree planted in Bankafo died changing the name of that city to " Kum no awu" or Kumawu, meaning " The Kum tree is dead". While the one planted in Kwaman didn't die. The name of the city got changed to " Kum no ase" , because it was under that tree that the elders used to meet to talk about important matters concerning the kingdom.

Picture of Kumasi

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