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Parliament Rejects 'Agyenkwa' Budget

Friday, 26th November 2021

Parliament has officially rejected the 2022 budget layed by finance minister a couple of days ago.

According to TV3 parliametary correspondent Komla Klutse, when the speaker was ushered in around 1pm, the NPP MPs were not in the plenary. This compelled him to suspend sitting for 30 minutes.

But the NPP side only came to the house around 5pm. But another disagreement erupted. The finance minister who is not a member of the house was spotted in the plenary. This enraged the NDC MPs who insisted he must be made to leave the plenary which the speaker agreed and ruled as such.

NPP MPs also insisted the General Secretary of NDC Mr. Johnson Asiedu Nketia who was sitting at the public galary be made to leave the house too. This was not accepted by the speaker because the public garaly was available to any member of the public. The NPP MPs accused the speaker of the house of bias and walked out.

As at 7:40pm, they were not still in. When the Speaker put up the question, all members voted against the approval. The speaker requested for a headcount and that confirmed that all 137 MPs had voted against the 2022 budget.

Earlier, members of #FixTheCountry Movement were prevented from entering into the premises of parliament today as they staged a protest against the 2022 budget. Members massed up in their numbers as Parliament awaited to decide on the fate of the Agyenkwa Budget.

But something unexpected happened. Even though conveynors of the protest were granted police permission to embark on the 'yentua' demonstration, they were met with heavily armed police-millitary team at the premises of the house of ligislation. The security men prevented the youth from accessing the premises of parliament house for unknown reasons.

According to some of the protesters who spoke to media men, they agreed with the police that if their numbers were less than 500, they would be allowed entry to the premises of parliament, otherwise, they will have to stay outside. It as disappointing that, even though the number of protesters were less than 200, the security men still denied them access to the premises to present their petition.

The protesters were left with no option but to team up along the road to parliament house to engage media men as shown in the the first minute of the video in the link below.

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