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Analysis of Ken Attafuah's comments: Kennedy Agyapong is out of order?

Kennedy Agyapong, the Asin central member of parliament could easily be described as a man for the people based on how he is loyal to party footsoldiers and also, he comes across as a man who cares for the welfare of the ordinary party supporters- probably, the source of the massive support he enjoys from the party base.

This time, again, he is in his elements, protecting against the comments made by the Chief Executive officer of the National Identification Authority (NIA) to the effect that, he will not employ NPP folks just for that sake.

Prof Attafuah’s grounds were that the public service in Ghana was neutral and therefore President Akufo-Addo has charged him to build a system devoid of political bias.

Kennedy Agyapong however disagrees. He went ahead to incite the NPP footsoldiers, especially the unemployed against the Professor, threatening to demonstrate to get him dismissed.

Now, let us analyse critically the supposed comments that has generated so much pressure on the NIA boss. He was simply stating the obvious. Indeed, by law, public sector in Ghana is supposed to be neutral in terms of its recruitment, and any other operations.

By saying what he said, Ken Attafuah was only being politically right in the eyes of the public. Any politically wise person can, at worse, use it for a populist campaign to show that the President is governing the country under rule of law, without any form of bias just like the dictates of the 1992 constitution.

Deep behind the scenes, it is an open secret that, these politicians do recruit on party lines, at least most times. Saying otherwise publicly is only for the gallery.

Flowing from above, one could see that, Kennedy Agyapong is overreacting. He is simply out of order. He must know that, not every politician can be acting and saying things in a blatant manner like he [Kennedy Agyapong] does.

Imagine Ken Attafuah had said he was going to recruit people at the NIA through partisan consideration. Ghanaians would have descended on him. CSOs and other think-thanks would have been on his case by now. Unless there are more to the backlash he is receiving, which has been instigated by the Asin legislature, what he said was lawful, right and in consonance with the tenets of multiparty democracy. 

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