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Is TUC's attack on foreigner's businesses ill-fated?

Trade Union Congress/GUTA leaders and the Ghana police exercise yesterday need to be looked at again. The images of some foreigners whose shops were being closed on the 13/07/20 were visualized on TV as Tiptoe lane traders shops were locked. It was reported that Abossey Okai spare parts dealers decided not to lock the foreigner's shops.

Image courtesy of BBC.

The question I want government and TUC to answer is simple. Why this exercise in this particular period? The life of everyone matter. Are you evicting them or closed their businesses? 

That is a hunger to their families and this era where a global plague has devastated people this kind of outing by the Ghana Police and Trade Unions is inappropriate. 

The government of Nigeria took a similar posture earlier this year. What were the consequences? Many trucks loads of goods bound for some regions of Nigeria just had to rot by the borders. Did the behaviour of President Buhari change the fortunes of Nigeria? Certainly not, Ghana has to be a better example. Even Ghana Jollof beats Nigeria, unfortunately, this one-act is already alarming. This bad-mannered trade war must not be encouraged at all. 

In South Africa, a similar attack on foreigners almost turned their hilarious friendly state into warmongers. Why? Their indigenous people believe outsiders were taking their jobs. When will this xenophobia in Africa be disbanded? The government of Ghana can not be silent on this kind of issues. What is the use of the various embassies in Ghana? When S/A and Nigeria took those bizarre paths many countries had casualties.

The practice of foreigners engaged in the retail business is not today's issue. So, it needs to be approached properly not just some policemen pushing some poor traders alleged to be non-Ghanaian. They should be treated with respect. Warnings need to be issued via state media platforms, the various embassy's, local leadership of foreign nation traders. 

The justification is, how did they get some form of permits. A good number of motor spare parts dealers get it with the help of Ghanaian middlemen. Is the Ghana government ready to prosecute such people? 

They are already a minority why go after them as if there is no law. Warn the actors, demand for any Ghanaian who has used his personal document to procure a permit to report himself. Tackle the subject from the root. 

Besides, there are foreigners who have been in Ghana for over 10years. Some are married to Ghanaian women and have children etc. Even if they have not formally applied for citizenship they are overqualified to be brutalised this way. 

Notices to stop operation are not to suggest ineptitude. Some things must be done, but doing it right will be best for our country. This act of the Ghana police is like killing a mosquito with a cutlass. It's worth noting, they are not just on the street? They are occupying buildings owned mostly by Ghana people. Why did that person rent the place out without knowing who he/she is and if is authorised to do so? They might be wrong, but alongside a huge group of Ghanaians might go to jail if this will be looked into properly. 

Remember it's not only Ghana that has outsiders. The continent's trade agreements must be clear. This activity makes it difficult to blame Western countries when Ghana nationals are repatriated. Just see how only African leaders are treating their fellow men with Black skin.

This is a call on President Nana Addo and his Minister of Trade to lead this operation. Unlike the demolition of Nigerian building in Ghana. The government claimed it was innocent. This is clearly lawlessness. If it's not handled, by default the government will be liable for unrepairable damages. 

Say, no to xenophobia in Ghana. There is a more civil way to apply the laws. Don't plunge the country into a panic trend.

Thank you for reading.

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