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The Ferry on the Oti River in Dambai in the Oti Region has broken down.

The Ferry on the Oti River in Dambai in the Oti Region has separated. 

The Ferry as indicated by the inhabitants separated four days back leaving travelers abandoned and staples turning sour at the two sides of the waterway banks. 

The dealers with products just as drivers conveying merchandise bemoaned on the lamentable circumstance and beg government to have a perpetual answer for the issue. 

As indicated by them, "this is turning out to be excessively and administration needs to act quick before things escape hands." 

Oti River ship separates, stops exchanging.

Disappointed travelers have now turned to utilizing bicycles and tricycles to make the excursion, which has now gotten awkward for travelers. 

Some political artivists just as business and private people were not saved as they needed to pack their vehicles and join stuffed boats and kayaks to cross to their objections. 

Inhabitants have advanced for the development of a scaffold over the stream to make voyaging simpler.

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