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Ghana's Problem Is Systemic Hypocrisy And Incompetence, As Hon. Kweku Manu Once Headed PIAC. OPINION

The greatest problem this country called Ghana faces is dishonesty and a lack of conviction. What is conviction, one may ask, it is a decision, arrived at in the heart, that must come to pass, at all cost and this is exactly what our past and present leaders lack in the country.

No wonder that, when its time to talk and promise, they have all the right ideas, but when the power is placed in their hands, to now effect change, that they trumpeted from the mountain top, they fall flat, just as the people they criticized.

This problem starts from the top! Yes, from our President and Vice President and personally that is why, I am in full support of #FixTheCountry any day, any time. How on Earth, can these leaders, then candidates blame Mahama for borrowing, under the context that, "we have the money here to develop the country" and when they come to power, they actually borrow more than the government they criticized? And even sickening, they term it as "smart borrowing."

In my candid opinion, this is smart dishonesty and hypocrisy and it is no wonder that, everything is worsening in the country, because, they were never convicted, about the very things they advocated for.

In 2014, Hon. Kweku Agyeman Mau was the Chairman of the Almighty "Parliament’s Public Accounts Committee" (PAC) and oh, what a work he did. I fell in love with his words, warnings and strict demand for prudent financial decisions of leaders of government agencies who appeared before his committee, as he also unearthed several corrupt decisions and practices.

In fact, he even went a step further, as he was emphatic that, the then government MUST stop the practice of sole-sourcing in awarding contracts for national projects, as according to him, sole sourcing is the root cause of most of the corruption scandals that has hit the Mahama government. In a post published on his own blog post, just as mine now and attached below, he did not miss words on this necessity.

Hon. Agyeman Manu, then speaking in an interview with Citi News insisted that, government cannot fight corruption without dealing with the many procurements and contracts done through sole sourcing.

“When the issues came up, we realized that there were no adverts for procurement. We never saw any advert, in any national dailies requesting people to go and purchase documents to raise any files. We never saw any tender documents for these GYEEDA issues and that is the only implication. If you don’t see competitive adverts. Adverts inviting people to competitively come and bid and then people get contracts to work. It can be nothing else than sole sourcing,” he had explained.

The Minority in Parliament then, the NPP, had also on several occasions criticised government for awarding contracts through sole sourcing, as they believe it is a major attempt by government to promote its interest.

But just fast forward to 2021, this same Chairman of PIAC, has forced Parliament to set up a committee of enquiry, just because, even before bringing documents to parliament to seek approval, he had sighted contracts with a Saudi Arabian businessman, to be the middle man, in purchasing Covid-19 vaccines from Russia, something, the World Health Organization, has asked all health ministries, to avoid, as there is potential for purchase of substandard drugs.

I could go on and on, about these breaches of the very things, he was asking another government not to do. Same can be said about the multi-million dollar contract of the Frontiers Healthcare Services, who literally cheated out the country, making millions, that should have gone to the Ngouchi Health Research Center, a national health response, that was sponsored by another country.

Yes, we give out our potential money making machinery to a Nigerian to profit, but we had to wait on another country, to do us this favour, of putting it up. That may well be the picture of the systemic hypocrisy and incompetence that has bedeviled this country, since whenever, and from the way, it is even going on, in this current government, it tells us simply that, maybe, our doom is not in the colour of skin, but in the minds, of these people, we call leaders.


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