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If EC Doesn't Get The Results In 24hrs, Are They Going To Cook Numbers? - NDC's Afriyie Ankrah Asks

Elvis Afriyie Ankrah, the director of elections for the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) has indicated that the electoral commission led by Jean Mensah has been included in some unrealistic conspiracy theories so far as their arrangements for December 7 elections is concerned.

According to Elvis, the electoral commission had contradicted itself with some arrangement of dates and their activities and on when to declare results. At one point, the commission had said they would declare the results after 72 hours hence on 10th December. However, the deputy Ec has also released that the commission is set to release results within 24 hours. 

According to him, "The EC earlier on announced that the results of the elections will be announced by the 10th of December. How many of you rembwr? Another dramatic departure from this announcement, Dr Serebuo Quicoo subsequently announced in the 18th of November that the results will be declared by the close of day on 8th of December. Nearly 24 hours after the close of polls

According to Elvis, the process involved before the declaration of results is very lengthy and realistic. This is to say that judging from where the results have to be declared at the polling stations, move to the coalition centers then to the regional level to the national level, the processes can not be timed. This is to say that EC cannot squeeze the process to be what they wish for it to become by timing them. 

When such occurs, they will be compelled to do that by pressure which is also a blunder to the genuinety and credibility of the results. The NDC then accused the EC boss for introcdunv another level of process which doesn't even give way for such to happen fast. In a practical manner, the NDC accuses the EC of abandoning due process and rushing things over. 

”Ordinarily somebody would be like well if they finish the elections early and declare what is wrong with that. But you see there is the problem. What is the basis for this claim? What mechanisms and structures and systems and process you have put in the place to ensure that this claim you are making, you will be able to meet it without having problems. How does it work in practical terms because it's a process?”

"By this process is she tell us that she is going to see all the results of 275 constituencies before she makes a declaration? Can't you see the danger here? Is she going to rely on only 16 regions? so you see they are creating another unrealistic expectation and when the day comes and by that time they are not able to, what will they do? Are they going to force numbers? are they going to cook numbers? Are they just going to announce any other thing at all just because they want to meet an unrealistic 24-hour timeline, forced them?

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