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Take a look at the Vice President Elect of Colombia wearing a Kente dress.

Colombia is a beautiful country in South America. It shares boarders with the Caribbean Sea to the north, Brazil to the southwest, Venezuela to the east and Ecuador and Peru to the south. The vice president elect of the country has been seen on several times wearing the popular Kente cloth.

Kente is a traditional cloth for the people of Ghana. It is usually used during festive occasions like weddings, and other important events.

Colombia's 40 year old Vice President elect, Francia Márquez was spotted having a stamp of the African Map on her dress. She is the first black Vice President elect in the history of Colombia. Statistics shows that 4.671 million out of 48.258 million of Colombians are of African descent according to the 2018 Census.

It's always good to have some indigenous cloth being showcased by prominent people around the world. You can also share your thoughts in the comments section.


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