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The will of the people must be respected - Opinion

Ghana is enjoying peace because we are not enemies. We have enjoyed this peace since 1992 after a democratic governance was instituted. Nothing has changed ever since and we don't expect anything to change. We are all under one nation with two common language, the famous Akan language of the majority and the official English Language as our constitutionally mandated language. 

Everyone needs to calm down and tension doesn't needs to be risen. I am NDC, pure Democrat and I have friends in NPP the Patriots. If they have won the election as their foot solders are going around deceiving their members, we would have seen high ranking party members like Gabby, the family member of the president coming out with congratulatory message for his President. 

We in opposition have every right to jubilate but we are not jubilating despite wining majority in parliament. We all want peace so the elected president can run and rule his people not dead bodies. Please, no matter which party you belong to, do the right thing because the right thing is the only ingredient for development and peace. 

First think about the country and the peace we are enjoying before you act indecisively because at the end, the people you are trying to rule will be the same people in body bags if anything stupid happens. We in NDC have been calm ever since the elections started and we have in control of our members to remain calm as they jubilate because we are not losing any elections to anyone. 

Same thing I will want the family of NPP to be also calm and do the right thing for the benefit of everyone. Do not try to do anything you feel if done to you, you wouldn't like. Don't use the position you have today to do any bad thing because we are all one in democracy but different voices in government.

My name is Rocky and I urge all Democrats to be calm because we have faith the Electoral Commission will announce the Democrats as President elect just as without any hasty or rigging involvement. Ghanaians have spoken and has given us a majority in parliament so let's focus on the peace of this country as the EC and the sitting President does the right thing of congratulating us. 

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