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Reason Nana Addo Might Deserve The Private Jet: A Result of Arbitrary Rules and Principles

In our day to day activities, certain things happen unconsciously and it takes careful observation to identify. There are certain innate principles that control the human mind and body and if an individual seeks to respect these principles or deny them, it raises eyebrows.

The Akuffo Addo led government under the jurisdiction of the New Patriotic Party has undergone serious criticism recently in regard to his alleged hiring of luxurious private jets on some of his international journeys.

What we have identified to be the cause of such a manner of life on the part of the president, if the allegation is true is the fact that certain innate human principles are at play.

This assertion would try to justify the action of the president, but in the long run, we would also identify ourselves with it. But mind you, we have already established the fact that deviating from these principles do raise eyebrows, while moving according to them also makes people wonder and therefore raise concerns.

In every human organisation, there is a leader that is acquired some special treatment that differs from the rest of the people. Human beings do not see this as weird when it is done in an environment that we are already used to, but when it goes above it, it sparks reactions in our memories since it needs time to be accommodated by the brain.

In our various schools, churches, families and any place that there would be a head, that leader is treated in a special manner. These are unwritten arbitrary rules that human beings follow.

The seat of the head pastor might be different from that of the congregants. Most people may expect the Chief Executive Officer of a company to have the nicest car.

Could it not be in that regard that Nana Addo, as the chairperson of the Ecowas, and not only the president of Ghana could wish to take a private jet which no other president is doing?

This could only be a result of the arbitrary rules that human beings follow in respect to their position and their work demands.

However, Dominic Nitiwul, the defense minister has clarified before parliament that the official presidential jet of Ghana can no longer handle the entourage of the president.

As the president of Zambia tries to defy the rules and took a Commercial airplane, people reacted because the principles were undermined. It is in that regard that people reacted when Nana Addo was trying to fit himself into his new position.

Do you not think that these principles were the ones working around the presidency?



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