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Good News As Members For A Humble Association From Dr. Nkrumah's Hometown Finally Meet Their Leaders

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It was one of the great meeting and day the association of Nzema student had in Takoradi Technical University (TTU) had on Saturday 28th March 2021. This humble association is not only found in Takoradi technical university alone but is also in all the traditional and private institution across the country. One interesting thing about this association is that they welcome anybody into the association whether you are Nzema or not. In some instances, job opportunities and many interesting things are given to those tribe who decided to join for the good welfare of this association.

It has been a long time since the leaders of Nzema came to the institution to visit and give advice to the student. The global outbreak causes or puts everything at a halt. According to the report, the student who was present there at the meeting got a big opportunity to meet Hon. Kwasi Bonzo (DCE for Ellembelle district) , Hon. Kofi Arko Nokoe (MP for Nzema East Municipal), Hon. Augustine Akainyah Marshall (Assemblyman At Tikobo 2 in Jomoro constituency), Mr John Jerry Amoosey (Teacher At Tasco Secondary School- Representing The Petron). It was a great moment indeed.

I big applause to the organizers of the program, the president of the association, all the executives and all the student in the association, may the almighty God bless you all.

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Good News Takoradi


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