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Whoever Deployed The Military Men Should Be Held Liable.

One of the Ranking Members of Parliament's Defence and Interior Committee, James Agalga has insinuated that the person who deployed military men to Ejura should be held liable. He noted that the youth were just protesting and seeking justice for their killed brother armless so why were armed military-joint- police deployed to Ejura.

What happened he said is very painful and regrettable and therefore, such thing should not happen again in the country. Mr. Agalga noted that the police men at the scene requested for support from their colleague police men not the military. He further questioned why were miliary men deployed instead of police.

"Why was there the need to deploy the military? What happened is regrettable and it should never happen. If it is indeed true that the police called for reinforcement, it simply meant that the police wanted more men to be deployed and not the military but why we chose to deploy the military instead of deploying more men to assist their colleagues to deal with the situation is mind-boggling because the moment the military men alighted from their vehicles, they pointed their weapons at the crowd and started shooting in a very unprofessional manner".

He added that what happened is not constitutional and therefore, the person who deployed the military men should held liable.

“So whoever authorised the military, rather than sending more policemen to augment those who were already on the grounds, needs to be held responsible".

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