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Culture: These are some 10 superstitious beliefs that are common among the Ewes in Ghana

There are beliefs that are illogical and are believed to have some supernatural effect upon those who flaunt it is referred to as superstition. The beliefs are widespread over Africa but since I may not be aware of those ones, I decided to delve into the superstitious beliefs that are common among the Ewe tribe in Ghana. Though these beliefs are sometimes harmful to us, others are beneficial and they help us in some good ways. Some of these beliefs are embedded in our culture. Let us dive straight into some of the superstitious beliefs in Ghana.

1. It is an insult to hand oner an object or an item to someone with a left hand. An insult is implied as well when you wave someone with a left hand.

2. You will become rich if you sleep inside a coffin for a number of days. We sometimes hear stories or watch movies of how people going to do money rituals are made to sleep in a coffin.

3. If you sweep at night, you are inviting dead souls into the house. Snakes may also come into the house. This according to my grandfather is there to prevent you from sweeping away any valuable item.

4. If you whistle in the evening, you will go mad.

5. Never point your fingers at a grave or a cemetery. You will die if you do so.

6. You do not go to the sea, lake, or river to fish on a certain day mostly Tuesdays, and Saturdays. You will meet the goddess of death if you go.

7. You do not mention the names of those who have died in the night. Their spirits will visit you in your sleep.

8. That dwarfs are people whose feet are reversed such that they will appear to be walking away from you if they are walking towards you.

9. If a man washes a lady's pants, he will become stupid.

10. Evil spirits will come into your house if you whistle in the night.

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