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Advancement isn't just estimated by foundation yet opportunity - CPP

The improvement of a country isn't just estimated by the arrangement of foundation yet in addition the assurance of the opportunity and freedoms of the populace. 

An assertion endorsed by Mr Onsy Nkrumah, the First Vice Chairman of the Convention People's Party (CPP) and replicated the Ghana News Agency, said Ghana must follow the precepts of the majority rule government it utilized from the way of life of the Greeks, which specified that freedom, opportunity and country were preeminent and must be maintained in sacredness above individual interests. 

"I need to interest the President of Ghana as the central overseer of the harmony and security of our nation to do the best in his order to guarantee free, reasonable and straightforward races on December 7, 2020," it added. 

It encouraged all hopefuls in the races to maintain the opportunity and freedom of individuals to guarantee harmony, adding that that made one a genuine legislator. 

The assertion said decisions that were imperfect and won with beast power made the victor a scalawag and shameful and not a legend. 

It engaged the security offices to exhibit their nationalism and dedication to Ghana by following up on their order to ensure all Ghanaians without separation. 

"It is their obligation to manage miscreants and specialists of incitement and terrorizing, to guarantee a quiet climate for the nation to have free, reasonable and straightforward decisions for the endurance of majority rule government in Ghana," the assertion said. 

It encouraged the electorate to go out in their numbers to decide in favor of CPP as its next government as it had demonstrated to be an administration of the individuals, by individuals and for the individuals.

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