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Like State’s Resources, Npp Sells More Bragging Rights To The Ndc And Mahama After This- Ghanaians

John Mahama and the Ndc are now the hottest cakes in the country. Since they pose as the major opposition party to the new patriotic party, a defamatory scandal or such related issues seems to do them more good and probably make them happier after the propaganda they also suffered from the Npp. Ghanaians have wisened up. This is the message that is coming from Ghanaians who add their voices to the decisions made in the country. These are the people who vote for presidents and their members of parliament to come into power and display.

Ghanaians seem to be taking matters seriously of late and the chronic election or party-relation disease that was eating up Ghanaians seem to be dwindling and gradually being flushed away. The country now sits on what matters most and people are becoming more alert about competence and promises as well as the large margin that lies between these two mentioned points. The Npp and Nana Addo have sold more bragging rights to the Ndc and Mahama in the past few months and this is being addressed by Ghanaians. Readers who are reading this and are abreast with what is going on on social media are very much aware or how members of the Npp and its officials are being crucified by the minority and having nothing to say back.

People are already sharing memes about this and stating their opinions on how this country should be managed. It is a disheartening situation for most people and the rise against the stealing and misuse of state properties is heavily protested against. The Ndc are definitely going to ride on these scandals and embarrassing situations to push their agenda for the coming elections. This is the most anticipated election after a few years of intense votes. Even though we are aware of the fact that the election’s probability of going to any of these parties is high, people are rooting for a magnificent change to fall on other parties.

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