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The real life Wacanda

The real life Wacanda

Cape coast is one of the cities in Africa which still have history about our colonization and more over building to serve as proof. Since our forefathers stepped foot at Elmina Castle in Cape coast before leaving our Mother Africa

The Wacanda city is set to be in real life and this was possible because of the ADDI,in which they has finally selected Cape coast in Ghana to have the Wacanda city built since our firstancestors stepped on foot there before living our very continent Africa. There have been an agreement between the ADDI and the president of Ghana - Nana Addi, as well as the leaders and elders of the Cape coast city. This took place not lately and we are looking forward to see the Wakanda city come to real life. According to the president of the ADDI, the Wakanda city which will be in Africa will serve as a place where all African will go and noticed how how great the Continent Africa can be. For clear statement of what the president of the ADDI said the link below can help . For to make more interesting,the president said there is going to be a monthly check up on this project of the Wakanda city.

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