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16 Interesting Facts About Ghana

By dailymedia | self meida writer
Published 27 days ago - 1 views

Ghana is one of over 50 nations on the African mainland, yet there are some intriguing realities about Ghana that show why it's one of Africa's most notable nations. 

Whatever your Ghanaian expertise, these 16 fascinating realities about Ghana will assist you with getting realize the nation surprisingly better. 


Converse with individuals about Ghana and they may ask: "Where's that?" Ghana is basically directed at the focal point of the world, being both near the equator and on the Greenwich Meridian, which addresses 0° longitude. 

On a world guide, you'll see it on the west shore of Africa – the side nearest to the Americas, and lining the Atlantic Ocean. Follow the western shoreline of Africa until it bends inwards and you'll have found the Gulf of Guinea. Presently draw a line straight down from London to the Gulf of Guinea and you'll have arrived in Ghana. 

What's more, on the off chance that anybody asks what time it is in Ghana? All things considered, that is simple. Ghana time is by and large equivalent to Greenwich Mean Time, thus it shares a time region with London. 

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Ghana is one of a small bunch of nations competing for the title of "nearest to the equator", so you're not liable to discover numerous environments as tropical as this. Truth be told, Ghana doesn't have four seasons, yet rather two: one wet and one dry. 

It can likewise get pretty hot, coming to about 30°C, or 86°F, on most days. The nation is about equivalent amounts of sandy desert, shrubby savannah, and rich rainforest. The zone along the coast is dry, yet the warmth is tempered by the chill breezes blowing in of the Atlantic Ocean. 

Simply over the coast is the huge man-made Lake Volta. Its green dikes loosen up along the eastern side of Ghana. In the nation sits the Ashanti level, a progression of moving slopes congested with tropical woods. 

Go further north and the region gets drier and transforms into bone-dry prairies. Famous public stops here remember Kakum National Park for the south – which flaunts a shade level walkway through its wilderness treetops – just as Mole National Park, where crowds of elephants meander the vast areas. 


Ghana's port city of Accra is the business center point of the country. It is additionally Ghana's most populated city and the seat of its administration. 

The country's most seasoned college, The University of Ghana, is situated in the suburb of Legon. A few focal points in Accra for those on vacation in Ghana incorporate its white sandy seashores – very much cherished by surfers – road markets – where you can look for crafted works – and the National Museum of Ghana, which is the ideal spot to investigate Ghana's rich social history through its antiquities. 

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When making a trip to Ghana, worldwide guests will visit Kotoka International Airport on their approach to Accra. It's additionally simple to make a trip to a portion of Ghana's other significant urban communities – like Kumasi in the forested Ashanti area, and Tamale in the northern locale. Both of these objections have global terminals. 


Ghana's set of experiences incorporates horde stories that meet up to clarify how the nation has gotten to where it is today. The zone presently known as Ghana has seen fights with numerous African nations and was colonized by European countries throughout the most recent 2,000 years. 

Ghana existed as a domain from the seventh to the thirteenth hundreds of years. During this time, the nation was really situated at a higher rise than where it's discovered today, and the Ghanaian Empire included what we currently know as Mali, Mauritania, and Senegal. The leader of this realm was known as the Warrior King – or Ghana – which is the way the domain got known to its adversaries and partners. 

Towards the start of the bygone eras, the domain was driven towards the coast by the rising Mali Empire. Afterward, during the Renaissance time frame, this faction of clans – known as the Akan public – shaped the Ashanti Empire, with their principal seat being in the focal forests of Kumasi. 

Ghana turned out to be incredible and affluent from exchanging gold and were pioneers in connecting with Europeans. 

Although they were given a run for their cash by numerous different realms that make up current Ghana, the Ashanti had the option to keep up command over the beachfront region for a long time. This permitted them to exchange with the Portuguese, Dutch and British. 

In the mid-twentieth century, the British colonized the territory as a component of their province, naming it the "Gold Coast". During this time, Ghanaians started exchanging on a worldwide scale and developed their economy through the creation of cocoa and espresso. 


In 1957, Ghana turned into the primary self-administering country on the African mainland under president Kwame Nkrumah. Their new banner consolidated the Pan-African – a philosophy of political solidarity between all who live in Africa – shades of red, yellow, green, and dark. Numerous other African nations followed after accordingly. 

Their ensign was made to gladly show the dark star – and image of Ghana's liberation – and the public cash was changed from Pounds to Cedis. Today Ghana's leader is Nana Akufo-Addo and the nation keeps on being a solid power in the economy and advancement of Africa. Ghana is additionally a moderate area to visit since a dollar will get you 5.79 Cedis, and the typical cost for basic items is one-fifth of what it is in North America. 

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The number of inhabitants in Ghana is unimaginably different, and the public authority perceives an entire host of native dialects as being public dialects. 

Two of the most boundless are the Twi language of the Ashanti public – which is spoken in the southern and focal locales – and the Dagbani language of the Dagomba public – all the more regularly spoken by individuals in regions toward the north. 

Ghanaian dialects were kept alive principally through oral practice. Notwithstanding, one gathering of Ghanaians – the Akan public – utilized a type of representative portrayal known as Adinkra. Adinkra was utilized on everything from textures, gems, and stoneware, to dividers, design components, and on the loads utilized in exchanging gold. Individual and home extras, just as attire consolidating these images, can be bought from Ghana's numerous craftsmen. 

Present-day Ghanaians convey across phonetic boundaries utilizing English as a unifier. About portion of the nation communicates in English, and it is one of the country's true dialects. Truth be told, even Ghana's National Anthem is sung in English. 


Today most Ghanaians recognize as Christian. Nonetheless, the local religion of the compelling Ashanti Empire was a type of polytheism – known as Akom, a Twi word signifying "to be ravenous". Large numbers of the customs of Akom are as yet a major piece of Ghanaian culture and are joined with Christian practices. 

The Akom cosmology revolves around a maker god, most generally perceived by the name Nyame – who makes his home in the sky – and his significant other, Asase Yaa, the Earth. Their desires are done by soul creatures. 

Family members who have disregarded are likewise viewed as a component of this non-actual domain. A most loved soul of conventional Ghanaian narrators is Anansi, a misleading insect, addressed in Neil Gaiman's tale, American Gods, which was as of late made into a TV arrangement. 


Quite possibly the most transcendent societies in southern Ghana, that of the Akan public, rehearses an arrangement of legacy dependent on the matriarchal heredity. Nonetheless, men actually stand firm on the fundamental footholds of force in this general public. 

Thus, for instance, while both the ruler and his sister will acquire their illustrious status and abundance from their mom, the lord will sit on the seat. In any case, it isn't the ruler's child who will be given the seat, yet the lord's sister's child. 


Ghanaian food is a blend of native flavors and outside impacts – like European and Indian. You will discover tomato-based stews with complex flavors all through Ghana. The stews normally contain a sort of marine or freshwater fish and are eaten with a mixture, which is utilized to gather up the fish and absorb the fragrant sauce. The batter – at times called fufu or apple – is produced using any kind of starch, including cassava, plantain, sweet potato, maize, millet, sorghum, potatoes, or cocoyams. 

Another staple of Ghanaian food is jollof rice: a one-pot rice dish that incorporates an assortment of Ghanaian flavors with tomatoes and stew. 

Peanuts are frequently used to season stews and topping dishes. You'll likewise discover taro leaves and okra in numerous dishes. 

Road food is likewise a major piece of the Ghanaian culture, so make certain to purchase a couple of takeaway dinners in the market when you visit. 

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The Ashanti Empire was powerful in forming the way of life of present-day Ghana, and style is no special case. Kente material, the texture is worn by Ashanti sovereignty, is as yet a state of public pride. 

Fables recount two young men investigating the wilderness, being instructed by Anansi, the creepy-crawly soul, how to weave the sacrosanct texture produced using cotton and silk. However, this customary material is really made utilizing a style of bin weaving that makes the particular squares of brilliantly shaded stripes. Each tone has a novel significance and was usually woven to convey explicit forces to someone in particular or for a particular event. Today, you can purchase kente fabric in pretty much any market all through Ghana. 

Ashanti lords were additionally known for wearing the gold they developed rich exchanging. This was 

molded into neckbands, rings, furthermore, wristbands. Ghanaian individuals actually place incredible worth on gold adornments today. 

The Ghanaian twist, a staggeringly flexible, yet defensive – and now stylish – interlaced hairdo, started here. 

Present-day Ghanaians wear a blend of Western and customary garments however remain promoters of splendidly shaded, strikingly designed textures. 


The primary names of offspring of Akan clans – like the Fante and Ashanti – depend upon the arrival of the week on which they were conceived. It is said that your name impacts angles like your otherworldly and expert way, and your character. 


In case you're ever in Accra, you're probably going to recognize an enormous fish or plane figure going down a side road on the shoulders of a few refined men. You may be astonished to discover that these nitty-gritty wooden carvings are not just works of art, they are likewise caskets. 

The custom of making elaborate caskets for people of unmistakable quality starts from the Ga individuals' conviction that life carries on in the afterlife. The topic for the casket is typically founded on the individual's job, and the objective is to establish a decent connection once the perished gets to the opposite side. 

If you are sufficiently fortunate to spot one, observe the workmanship. A ton of care goes into making these caskets, and they can take over a month to finish. 


Usually, music had a social capacity in Ghanian culture. Drumming was utilized as a type of correspondence, and stories advised utilizing music assisted with passing on the historical backdrop of Ghanaian individuals. 

Additionally, a commendation artist, or griot, would have the job of recording and pass on the achievements of rulers. String and wind instruments were additionally normally utilized by Ghanain individuals in the north, while in the south drumming was the primary method to make music. 

The Portuguese, Dutch, and British acquainted European instruments with Ghana during colonization. Not long after they acquired autonomy, performers in Ghana started making conventional rhythms utilizing these instruments, accordingly building up a melodic style currently known as highlife. 

Today highlife has advanced into hiplife: electronic beats highlighting Twi language rap. Perky gospel melodies are additionally preferred by the lion's share because Ghana being a prevalently Christian country. 


Notwithstanding the modest quantity of assets and foundation accessible to build up media outlets, a directly to-video movie industry jumped up in Ghana during the 1980s. 

The city of Accra was and still is, the capital of this industry and the movies normally spin around difficulties looked at by inhabitants of metropolitan Ghana. The soul world likewise has an unmistakable presence in these movies. 

Ghanaian movies have become so fruitful that the biggest media capital in Africa, Nigeria's Nollywood, has even checked out Ghana's producers and entertainers, setting up a few late associations. 

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Soccer is a public leisure activity in Ghana and their public football crew – otherwise called the Black Stars after the five-pointed star showed on their banner – has been contending on a worldwide level since the 1940s. 

Having won the Africa Cup of Nations on various occasions, Ghana is truly outstanding in the game and consistently goes head to head with achieved public groups like Mexico and Egypt. 

You'll see the Ghanaian soccer group out on the field, wearing their white shirts with dark accents and a dark star just underneath the neckline. Well-known Ghanaian soccer players incorporate Edwin Gyasi and Jordan Ayew. 


So since you feel like less of an oburoni – an outsider – and a smidgen a greater amount of an obibini – a nearby – you should investigate a portion of the chipping in promising circumstances accessible in Ghana through GVI. 

We cooperate with ladies privileges gatherings, elementary schools, and different associations zeroed in on the practical turn of events, and add to continuous work in a Ghanaian people group. In this manner, GVI ensures that volunteers will have a constructive outcome in Ghana and add to the achievement of this African country. 

Investigate our volunteer projects in Ghana and perceive how you can get included and learn additional intriguing realities about Ghana direct.

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