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Your excellencies, what job have you brought to Ghana? - Capt Smart asks ambassadors of Ghana.

Ghana is only good at naming past glories hence, we boast of starting this and that. While other countries are thinking ahead, we still lag behind. Ghana brought cocoa and started growing it, you became the leading in Africa and almost the whole world. 

Today where is Ghana? Ivory Coast is leading even including Cashew, look at what is going on in Kanya, Rwanda, and even recently Nigeria who has successfully produced rice to meet the countries demand and even exporting them.

Captain Smart has asked some serious questions about the state of the economy and this was directed to the various ambassadors and high commissioners appointed to different countries. The vociferous journalist who appeared in a long sleeves shirt with black trousers and wearing a pair of dark spectacles danced to the tune of some musicians in his introduction.

He cited the parable of Jesus Christ with his sheep and illustrated that this analogy can be applied to the current situation in Ghana. According to the morning show host of Onua FM, Ghana is currently going through hardship and until the leaders learn to do things right, the masses will continue to suffer.

His focus was turned to the numerous representatives of Ghana in foreign countries and inquired what they have done to improve situations. He mentioned some notable countries and explained that there have been massive transformations due to better policies. What have these ambassadors learned from these nations to impart or share with Ghana?

Few names were mentioned and notable among them was Mr. Francis Danki Kotia who is ambassador to the Netherlands, Professor Abena Busia, Alhaji Mohammed Ramadan, and Papa Owusu Ankomah. In conclusion, he asserted "Your excellencies, if there is any job, project or policies you have brought to Ghana, let me know."

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