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Who discovered Africa? Fans react to students who are busy working on lottery in the classroom

There is a saying,”not all fingers are the same “,indeed not all fingers. I once listened to an interview which the president of Ghana,His excellency,Nana Addo Danquah said the saddest day way back in school was when his driver made late to pick him to school. This really explains all “fingers are not the same “. If everyone is to share their saddest story,we all going to cry.

There are female students in the tertiary level who has to sleep with old married men in other to get money to survive on campus. Is not what they wanted though. To the guys,we mostly rely on betting on games to get money to pay our needs. Some are even school drop out due to financial instability. No one wished for such life but here we are.

Why am I being emotional? There is a viral picture of two young boys with students uniform on working on lottery numbers in the classroom. Per the picture,these students are happily and busily working on the lottery paper. Who knows if this is what keeping them alive. As the picture hit online,this is what some fans had to say.

Is never easy in life. If you were born poor,try everything possible not to die poor and also make it necessary to give your kids a better life than yours. If you were born rich,try and help the needy one. Comments below and share.

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