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Dr. Bawumia tells Tsatsu Tsikata not to run away from the truth - Throwback 2013

As we await the final verdict on the 4th March, let us go back to 2013 and flashback what happened in the petition so at least we those that weren't aware of certain statement made by the people involved in the petition will get to know.

In the 2013 presidential election petition, Dr. Bawumia who was been cross-examined by Lawyer Tsatsu Tsikata tells Tsikata that he should not run away from the truth. This was how it happened;

Tsikata: In this exhibit, this is indeed numbered 005998 can you see that?

Bawumia: I can see that.

Tsikata: So Dr. Bawumia it is not true when you try to suggest that an exhibit with that number has been provided to this court. It is not true in the terms that are indicated about you.

Bawumia: What you are saying is that there was a misleading exhibit number but the problem button line is that we have two Pollen stations of which the same serial number was used and that is malpractice.

Tsikata: Dr. Bawumia, this is an example of your dishonesty to this court because Dr. Bawumia, there is an exhibit that you have attached to your affidavit exhibit 5998 with a certain pollen station. Now you are giving a different pollen station, that exhibit number that is already in evidence.

Bawumia: Well there is an error and there is no dishonesty. If you want me to be honest to the court, let us put down my analysis if you are not afraid of the truth, let us put down my analysis and show me one repeated pollen station in my analysis if you are not afraid of the truth.

Tsikata: D..r Bawum...ia....

Judge: aaaahhhhh.... is like... aaaahhh, this is not a plan fight

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