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Pessimism About 2022 Budget Muted As NaBCo Beneficiaries Are Recalled; Ofori Atta To Dazzle NDC

Finance Minister, Ken Ofori Atta is expected to deliver the 2022 budget in parliament on Wednesday 17 November 2021. The opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) have been roaring at some possible increment in taxes and introduction of new ones. 

More to this was the huge pessimism about employment opportunities that the Akufo-Addo government promised in 2020, especially when some communications were sent to personnel of the Nation Builders' Corp (NaBCo) to vacate their post until further notice is given. 

This communication was given several interpretations by the opposition as they impressed on beneficiaries that the government had lied to them about the permanent job offers that were incorporated in the design of the exit program.

Luckily, the latest communication sends some great relief for beneficiaries and parents who were disturbed about the unemployment situation that might befall these tertiary students. With the recall of these beneficiaries to work a few days to the reading of the budget, the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) appears to be stunned. 

Their silence on the communique makes one wonder what their next response could be. Their propaganda about the NaBCo program gained some credibility as it re-emphasized a claim by the Finance Minister that the public sector employment is choked and that no new opportunities could be created now. 


In the next two days, Ken Ofori Atta would make public what the government intends to do about the economy while presenting the status we currently find ourselves in. Employment remains key, coupled with spiking prices of commodities which have been a result of fuel price increment. 

In a COVID-19 recovery condition that the Ghanaian economy finds itself, any further introduction of taxes could overwhelm situations for the people. The silence on the part of the government communicators on what would be present in the next few days had become a headache. 

A hint as it usually has been is lacking this time round, creating some suspense around expectations of the budget. The NDC had no choice but to wait for the budget to be presented before they could make any further comments.

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