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Nana Addo Hasn't Seen It All Yet; Could Mahama Have Done Any Better In The Face Of Recent Crisis?

You get pretty confused thinking if things could have been any different if John Mahama is President today. All we experiencing today is practically not different from yesterday's. In all the possible questions you could ask, and wishes you had of experiencing a better Ghana lies a pool of paradoxes of what we have today.

President Nana Addo lies on the "chopping board" of almost every Ghanaian, and for his critics it's more of a the blacksmith's furnace. From education, employment, energy to economic affairs the issues remain the same as it was years ago even when Mahama was President.

It matters not to the Ghanaian how much had changed but to see things completely dealt with. Perhaps such is the appreciation the #FixTheCountry campaigners have.

It's like having President Nana Addo do the magic by wishing everything is transformed for good. Well the realities of this life keeps the balance and we never would get pleased.

But I dare provoke your thoughts about matters of spirituality; one that you possibly had ignored in your evaluation of why things had been that overwhelming for President Nana Addo, especially in respect of civil protests.

Remember what he said during 2016 elections; "Try me!"

Hold on a moment, this man invited upon himself an infinite test for him to prove his mettle. All that had happened about economic distress, socio-political injustice which had resulted in protests, and among others is simply karma.

In his youthful years, President Akufo-Addo led a series of protests including the infamous 'kumi preko demonstrations' in demand of tax cuts and abrogation of some levies. A more subtle form of advocacy was stringed through his campaign in 2016 about 'killer taxes' and 'bogus levies'.

In his life he is known to be a champion of human rights, a title that he enviously protects.

But had he proven to be what he preached to be?

Today the public debt had ballooned, unemployment still hungs and then COVID-19 'grinds it's teeth' at us, and in all when the youth protest for a change 'hell breaks lose'.

Should there be any comparison of what had happened under Mahama, and Nana Addo's past four years, can we conclude the future could be any better?

Well, one notable response to similar situations under Mahama's administration was; 'the dead goat syndrome'. It's one infamous statement that will find condemnation if John Mahama is President today.

It's thus becomes quiet challenging for one to beleive if there is any better alternative to the two. Perhaps the only way out for John Mahama in the face of these issues is a total rebranding of his person.

Don't get me wrong, none of them would ever have it easy at the hands of an enlightened and vociferous youth of this generation.

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