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"When Did He Start Showering On Plane?"- Ghanaians Reacts To Private Jet Saga

Ghanaians have reacted to the private jet saga when Defence Minister, Dominic Niti Awul stated today in parliament that "the President can't bath in the Presidential Jet; that is why he hired a private jet".

Ghanaians are in surprised mood to hear the Defence Minister said that and burst in to laugher when lawyer Sammy Gyamfi shared the message on his social media and Ghanaians asked that when did President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo start showering on plane?

Ghanaians are in awe as to whether to believe what the Defence Minister said or to disagree with him. Many of them thought that the explanation from the minister doesn't "make sense" but they have nothing to do about it and they will be waiting on the august house of parliament to act on his explanation.

Someone stated that: Ah so when did he start showering on plane. How many times does he shower a day? And how long is the trips? You guys try hard to justify every damn thing. Cut your coat according to your size. You shower on a private jet for a loan.

"God please give me a strong heart to pass through all this nonsense era.

For how long does the jet last in the air to reach it destination? Or he slept in the plane when he reaches his destination" another person asked in a surprise mood.

Someone reacted that: What would the Peace Council, the Christian Council, the Catholic Bishop Conference, civil society organisations and the know- all men and women of God would have said if it was John Mahama who did this at the expense of the nation? God is indeed watching la.

Someone details that: Was this not the same aircraft the late Atta Mills and the former President, John Mahama also used? So what has changed this time? What's the effects of bathing and not bathing in an aircraft has brought to Ghanaians all these years? Can someone tell me? As a country, i don't think we've reach that level yet, to be spending so much money on just a private jet and that money could have done so much development for this country. Watching this video clearly shows that these our leaders are only there because they want to live a luxury and comfortable life for themselves and their families while the poor man keep suffering everyday.

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