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Majority Must Say This To The Minority In Parliament To Keep Them Mute Forever

In Europe and America when the Government of the day introduces a policy and the opposition party or parties disagree with it, they don’t do propaganda with it and go to sleep. They offer policy alternatives that are far better than that’s of the ruling party.

It’s not enough to criticize Government’s policies and after go to sleep. 

If the government says I want to introduce a new tax or levy called E-Levy to increase revenues to avoid any excessive borrowings and the opposition is against such policy which in my view is normal in democratic governance. 

They should be prepared to offer policy alternatives that will help raise enough revenues for the state in other to cut down any excessive borrowings.

There have been several policies introduced by Joe Biden of the US and Boris Johnson of the UK but you don’t see the Republicans or the Labour Party going out and doing propaganda with it but rather they offer compelling alternatives that make them credible alternatives to the ruling party.

It’s high time we start to demand workable and compelling policy alternatives from our opposition parties instead of the usual propaganda without substance or distinction that can change the lives of the people.

If indeed we are a significant nation then it’s not enough to allow opposition parties who are potential governments in waiting to just reject the policies of the government in power and go to sleep and you have millions of people also buying into such propaganda.

No wonder as a country when we make two steps we fall back three steps derailing every solid foundation that has been laid.

We must as a people always demand policy alternatives from our position parties whenever they denounce the policies of the government of the day because this will then offer the general population the opportunity to make a proper and factual assessment of the various parties.

We have come a long way as a country and we cannot allow veil propaganda and unmeritorious criticism to send us three steps primordial. 

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