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Dr. Valerie Sawyer quick response to Frema Opare.

Dr. Valerie Sawyer quick response to Frema Opare.

Details; The Akufo-Addo administration's claim that they have been covering the rental for President John Mahama's Cantonments office is a flagrant lie. The claim made by Akufo-administration Addo's that they have been haggling or conversing with President John Mahama about a position for him is a flagrant lie. 

We are already in the sixth year of President Akufo-terror Addo's regime, and basic constitutional demands have been blatantly ignored. It's really too bad! President Akufo-Addo and his chief of staff, Frema Opare, should be ashamed. I specifically call out Frema because even at her level of administration, she deals with a variety of problems that the President is not aware of.

If she is skilled, she will have list of the salaries of ex presidents and their wives in front of her. When the constitutional obligations have been met, she ought to be able to list down the rights that President John Mahama is entitled to without prompting. Unless, of course, she is disobeying the law as instructed by President Akufo Addo. 

She need to be aware that President John Mahama has a right to a perfectly functioning office following his tenure in office, and that the government is responsible for providing this office. This covers the cost of an office space, furnishings, technology, and the wages of a few office workers. The Edu-Buandoh Emoluments do exist.

Despite our limited resources, we built it according to his specifications using the architectural designs he supplied us. 

When you behave in this manner, it sparks comparisons that jar the well-deserved tranquility of our former presidents. 

First, Richard Ahiagbah, your representative, fabricates claims that he has documentation proving that the government funds JM's Cantonments office. Really? Later on, he asserts that the fictitious paper actually reveals that the government is in discussions with JM about giving him an office. Wow! This is very sad! 

President John Mahama's agent in dealings about the renting of his Cantonments office is me, Valerie Sawyerr. Frema Opare, head of staff, or any of your representatives, I challenge you to provide the alleged proof that the government funds JM's office at Frema, the allegations are not true. 

They are untrue, as you are aware. The least you can do is to set the record straight to repair the damage your failure to act has been doing to your reputation. 

Why does President Mahama have to offer to show journalists his financial statements to demonstrate that he never got such a sum of money? When you know the accusations are false, why should that be the case? According to the Ewurama Addy Executive privilege Report, the former president was eligible for ex gratia payments totaling: 

For each year of service, a salary of six (6) months is granted. Consolidated salary for one (1) month as an installation grant. 

One (1) month's consolidated salary as a resettlement grant for each year of service. 

According to the Committee, the President's.Therefore, his ex-gratia would have been the above-described formula reduced to its five-month equivalent. In addition, he received ex-gratia for the three (3) years and seven (7) months he spent as vice president, which is comparable to the foregoing but is paid over five (5) months rather than six (6). 

The Vice President's monthly pay was set at 10,000 Ghana Cedis by the Ewurama Addy Committee (GHS10,800.00). 

Make the computations. By no stretch of the imagination, how can a sane person arrive at a number of GHS14 million? Your minions must conduct some research so that the Kweku Ananse tales they conjure are based on solid foundations. 

However, one must question why we are even bothering. Ha ha ha! We dey here cool333. We dey watch. Note that President John Mahama did not publicly criticize the government for failing to fulfill his legal entitlements. He hasn't demanded any money or gifts. 

That is not a problem since, according to "tafrats3," even if JM cannot afford an office, he can still rent one with the help of a few close friends and family members. The problem is the lack of respect that is being attempted to be enforced by making an ex-president grovel in order to receive what he is legally entitled to. 

It is not acceptable to try to diminish him in this way. But even there, you have utterly failed. 

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