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Is NPP Afraid Of Been Exposed? The Fourth Republic Under Nana Addo Through The Lense Of Scrutiny

The NPP has been the party that even in opposition has had the confidence to go to court with landmark cases and actually come out of court with favorable decisions.

Today, the opposition and a significant majority of the citizenry do not believe in the independence of the Judiciary and the ability of the Judiciary to be fair in their handling of disputes especially those disputes involving the ruling government. 

This government has bought the conscience of hitherto independent journalists, show hosts, activists in both civil and moral societies, etc by offering them juicy appointments in the public sector.

This is in addition to having a lion share of the media outlets in Ghana who will always sing their praises coupled with the closure of pro-opposition media houses.

No government has had a free ride in the media in this 4th republic more than the current one. 

What this has done to this country is that it has denied the suffering masses the credible voices that could speak the truth to anyone in authority and get the government sitting up and doing better. 

What we have now is certain top-notch journalists sitting in interviews while the ministers they interview peddle half-truths and outright misconceptions without any challenge or fact-checking.

Anyway, how can a board member fact-check a minister from the ministry under which he serves as a board member? Everything is just pathetic. 

One lawyer who is also a host of a primetime political show, as well as a board member of our airport company, has also turned his shows into the official platform for the defense and clearing of all of this government's mess sometimes painting away truths with his editorials. 

The very few we have now who have chosen to speak out are now being labeled as members of the NDC in an attempt to silence and discredit them as though those who are openly aligned to the NPP have some credibility.

The NPP is supposed to be a party of intellectuals. An intellectual should be able to make their case no matter the platform on which they find themselves.

If you have a good story to tell, it doesn't matter the medium it will be heard. If your story is plunging and unsatisfactory, it doesn't matter how many spin doctors and linguists you employ, the truth will conquer you. 

When the truth is steering you in the face, be humble enough to listen, don't destroy the truth-tellers. 

I wonder why the ruling government is not demanding objectivity and neutrality from hosts on Asempa FM, Net Two TV, Adom FM, Adom TV, and the most outspoken Peace FM, or what is good for the goose is no longer good for the gander?

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