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Papavi Called To Glory

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The head of the rebel bunch in the Volta Region, Homeland Study Foundation is accounted for dead.

Charles Komi Kudzordzi, prevalently known as Papavi is said to have kicked the bucket on Friday, October 15, at the Keta Government Hospital.

He is accepted to be 88 years of age.

Prior to his end, Papavi and his gathering were requesting the withdrawal of the past Western Togoland, which incorporates portions of the Oti and Volta areas just as certain pieces of the North-East Region, from Ghana.

He was accordingly captured for injustice along with a portion of his individuals yet later allowed bail because of advanced age and medical problems.

This was the second time individuals from the gathering had been captured along these lines.

As per the police, it assembled adequate proof including a constitution, public seal and song of praise ready by the eight captured people and others for their alleged new country.

Charles Komi Kudzordzi's preliminary had since been suspended to October 22, 2021.

The late Papavi was not heard or found in broad daylight until his end last Friday.

Western Togoland uproar

In September 2020, the administration of the gathering coordinated an uproar and hindered two significant streets at Juapong and assaulted drivers at State Transport Corporation.

On September 25, the gathering wearing Western Togoland T-shirts and furnished with weapons and cutlasses, went amok and hindered streets. They consumed truck tires in the streets and kept individuals from getting to it just as attacked police headquarters at Mepe, Aveyime and different pieces of the Volta area.

The occurrence was denounced by many including previous President John Dramani Mahama and customary bosses.

Charles Kudzordzi otherwise known as Papavi following the episode approached government to move forward examinations to fish out people behind late assaults on state establishments and work force in the Volta locale.

Around 31 individuals were prior captured and traveled to the workplaces of the Bureau of National Investigations (BNI) office in Accra for addressing about happenings in the area.

Afterward, news broke that a sum of more than 50 claimed secessionists were captured for their association in the uproar. However, in November, 22 claimed secessionists were released by an Accra Circuit Court.

Nene Kwaku Agblorm II otherwise known as Joshua Tawiah Agblorm, a customary ruler, and 28 others were accused of scheme, Treason crime, to partake in a mission of a disallowed association to be specific, Western Togoland, intrigue to cause unlawful harm, revolting with weapons, and causing unlawful harm.

The denounced incorporate Ernest Kpevu, Devine Seddoh, Bright Klutse, Salasi Gbagagbo, Gilbert Nyazinyo, Benjamin Gbagagbo, Felix Sosa, Lawrance Nyaziyor, Excel Liberty Aheto, Kuegbe Sika, Devine Nyazinyo, and Godwin Awudza.

The rest are William Amenyor, Agbemayah Dotse, Louis Nyazinyo, Mawulolor Ahorgble, Fiave Joeffery, George Akuweti, Noah Ahiatorga, Samuel Gbolomo, Raphael Tetevi, James Nanewortor, Abednego Dzreke Mawuenya, Emmanuel Hayford Afedor, Isaac Kwesi Afeku, Richard Adri, Prosper Avumenyi, John Kobla Gbedemah and Stephen Asime.

Yet, the indictment's case was that Charles Kormi Kudzordzi famously known as Papavi is the pioneer who had prepared around 200 youth to wage war to battle for their battle.

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