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Throwback: Why would someone choose an election over his life?

I believe he has never been the same person since his conversation about the party neglecting him and the amount of money in the hands of others leaked. Since then, he has been erratic and so desperate to prove his loyalty to the party. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like he is getting that attention. 

He used to be one of the guys I enjoyed listening to, essentially with BA accent and blend to the twi. 

We all have our locker room talks, things we say in certain circles that we wouldn't speak in public, the leak of such conversations can undo us. 

I feel mostly for people when such conversations are recorded and leaked. I felt for Victoria Hammer and still think she was sacked mainly because of populism, I felt for Obiri Boahene. 

I didn't feel any bad for Ofosu Ampofo because his was meant to be at a strategic meeting and hence the chances of it being carried out or inspiring others to do the same cannot be discounted.

Some of these statements...before you know it, 2023, RIP.

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BA Obiri Boahene. Victoria Hammer


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