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The Church And The Banking System The Church And The Banking System Which Is The Most Corrupt Institution? The Canker Must End!

Truth is the freedom of the just and the anchor of the innocent. But there is groaning and wailing when justice is perversed. The discussion for today is the corruption of the Church and the Banking sector. Some are saying it is the Church and others are also saying it is the Bank. What are you also saying? These places are the heart beat of the people because there they have interest, they deposit and channel their attention everyday. Your views are welcome.Transparency gives more hopes and ensures absolute confidence to people who deserve it most. Talking about "The Church and The Banking System," which is the most corrupt Institution. I believe you are asking and making your own accession to ascertain the reality of the two. When it comes to Church one thing is paramount regarding finances, thus, accountability. To be faithful and accountable, two words must be critically observed, the financial administration should be governed by "Integrity and Stewardship." 1Corinthians 4:2 says, " a steward must be found faithful." Why do you suggest there is too much corruption in the Church and in the Banking sector today? I can confidently prove that the collapse of many institutions including some churches are as the result of improper financial management.

However, in my position, I believe there has never been in history whereby corruption is so rampant and the Church is brought to the level pegging with secular businesses than this 21st century. The value of the Church is reduced. The recent statistics placed the Church in the first position as the most corrupt institution. I am highlighting this because I am astonished. The world's overview of churches nowadays is like business centers, that anyone memorizes some few Bible quotations to twist the mind of their followers. Some banks are highly corrupted and they have also raked their customers into depression. That's why I want us to discuss to bring liberation to our innocent brethren.

Where there is money or any treasure there the heart of the people. Matthew 6:21. Money seems to be the blood and the soul of the people that it should be handled meticulously and circumspectly. I am making a lot emphasis on the issue of money because, the rise and fall of many great institution that had ever been in the existence, 90% had been the misappropriation and the embezzlement of money which is raising a lot of concerns. What do you also think and what can be done?

Please take note: Why are you in that position? Are you there for a good name or riches? It is certain that death is inevitable, but when you die where will you be? God bless you.

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