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Mahama vehemently slams Nana Addo Danquah Akuffo-Addo without any mercy: You borrowed too many loans

Readers can recall how the Arise Ghana Demo publicly made several demands for President Nana Addo to solve various economic issues. The 'Krom Aye Hye' demonstration was organised by some civil society organisations as well as other political parties.

Just some few hours after the two-day demonstration exercise, Former President John Mahama has also made some strong remarks at the official launch of the Think Progress Ghana.

The Former President did not mince words at the ceremony as he expressed how sad he was about the indebtedness of the country and the poor state of the economy. The former President also explained that he remained worried about the fact that the current NPP government was already depleting all future cash inflows. He asked what the successive government would inherit from the current Nana Addo government.

The former President also complained about the fact that the current government has already collateralised inflows from GETfund, the energy sector and other revenues. He mentioned that too many loans were already borrowed such that the international capital market is no more ready to support the country's economy.

Mr. John Mahama also indicated that the NPP fears to go to the IMF because what the NPP had suggested would follow them. He explained that the NPP knows why they did not attempt to go the IMF.

Mr. John Mahama indicated that the country had been seriously mismanaged. He explained that there were reckless decisions by the NPP government such as the banking sector clean up. He made some example of how the British turned poor banks into well performing banks without destroying the banking industry.

Mr. Seth Terkper also spoke at the event. He also revealed that the current NPP government had government too many financial blunders and provided some solutions.

Mr. Seth Terkper fully supported what the former President Mahama submitted.

It can also be reminisced that the former President Mahama associated the prevailing poor exchange rate issues to poor economic management techniques as well indecisiveness.

Mr. Mahama also advised Nana Addo to address the nation and explain the economic situation to the people of Ghana. The former President John Mahama also boldly asked Nana Addo Danquah Akuffo-Addo to sack the current Finance Minister for his failure to manage the economy effectively.

What are your thoughts on the ongoing discussion?

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