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Summary Of A Perfect Agricultural Development Plan For Ghana - Opinion

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Ghana is known across Africa and the world as democratic powerhouse. This is because Ghana has practiced the principles of democracy in a civilized manner. This includes peaceful elections, peaceful transition of power from one government to the other, freedom of speech, going on demonstrations and many more. Though off late there has been questions regarding freedom of speech, peaceful elections especially in the just ended 2020 elections, freedom to demonstrate and many others, Ghana is still recognized as democratic powerhouse since it has still maintained a powerful democratic asset called peace.

Ghana is blessed with a lot of resources, that is both human and natural resources to aid in development as a country, but there has been some major setbacks. Ghana is a middle - lower income country, and this has been attributed to so many things such us corruption, over - dependence on foreign aid, taste for western things and many more.

As a proud citizen of Ghana, I believe developing the agricultural sector of the economy would put Ghana on the road towards becoming self sufficient in the area of agriculture. Below are some suggestions if improved and made better, would speed up our journey towards becoming a developed and high income country.

1) Rice Production

Ghana is blessed lots of hectares of land that can grow variety of crops as well as a climate that can sustain animal life (domestic and wild). Therefore the government has to provide subsidies to encourage a lot of people start rice farming in Ghana. We have to grow our rice production as well as establish rice processing factories across the country to process and refine our internally cultivated rice in order to stop spending millions of Ghana cedis to import rice annually. When enough rice is produced and processed, we consume the rice and export the remainder, thus increasing revenue for the country.

2) Poultry Production

Secondly, Ghana has to stop importing chicken from abroad. The disheartening thing is that the chicken that is imported are usually kept for three to four months in the foreign countries before they are imported to Ghana, and by all standards for being preserved for that long without consuming it might possess some health risks to anyone who consumes it. Therefore our chicken production which includes ducks, geese, guinea fowls, turkey’s, fowls and many more, must be expanded. By doing this, jobs would be created for people to delve into poultry, also we would have access to fresh and healthy poultry that are nutritious, and this would save Ghana a lot of money as well as expand our economy.

3) Fish production

Thirdly, production of fish is one of the most important areas to tackle in agriculture sector. Fish is loved by many people in Ghana, but the availability of fish is low that is why fish is very expensive. And this is because the production of fish in Ghana is very low, thereby forcing the government to import many tons into the country. This practice is rather draining the country of funds. If the government is able to equip the youth of Ghana with fish production skills, it would be a good venture for the youth to venture into. This would drastically reduce unemployment in Ghana and make our economy grow bigger.

4) Cocoa And Cashew Processing

Ghana is the second largest producer of cocoa in the world, just behind cotê D’voire. And one of the leading producers of cashew. But the unfortunate thing is that we have limited cocoa and cashew processing factories in Ghana. Due to this, we export cashew and cocoa nuts at lower prices and turn to buy the processed ones which we initially exported at a higher price.

And this doesn’t help the growth and development of the agricultural sector of any country. This means factories must be established by the government to process the cocoa and cashew nuts into finished and semi-finished goods. With this, we would consume the finished goods and export the remaining thereby creating revenue for the country.

Finally, agriculture is a very powerful tool to eradicate hunger in a country, as well as generate revenue to develop the country, so it must not be overlooked. We must all work towards growing and developing the agricultural sector of Ghana.

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