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China's Death Report of Covid-19;False, Finally Disclose Truth To The World.

Corona Virus is an on-going pandemic currently ravaging through several nations. The Virus is identified to have originated first in Wuhan; a Province of China in December 2019. In the wake of events in the City, many innocent souls have fallen casualty to the plague, days without number. Wuhan, a city of about 11million people had to be put on lockdown for months, which have only recently been eased.

In the Country's official reports to the 'WHO' and the rest of the world; China tagged its official death toll at 3,869. China also revealed that, the total infected person was about 84,000 which is currently the seventh-highest globally, according to John Hopkins University data.

The Chinese economy, which is one of the world's largest, has seen a shrink for the first time in the first quarter of the year 2020.

In a statement released on Friday,17th April, China revealed that, more than 50% of the total deaths in the country actually went unaccounted for. This raises its official death record to more than 4,600.

In its defence and explanation; China revealed that the revised figures were as a result of new data received from multiple sources, which included records kept by funeral homes and prisons. Also, people who died at home had not previously been recorded.

It stated that; health systems were initially overwhelmed with the pouring-in of new cases daily, leading to mistakes in counting, double counting and some new cases missed entirely.

'Mi Feng' a spokesman for China's National Health Commission revealed that, the new death count came from a comprehensive review of the epidemic's data. Shooting down all allegations of a cover up, which has been made on the world stage notably by the US President Donald Trump.

The revised data made official by the government comes amidst growing international concern that, deaths in China were under reported.

Overall many top world officials have questioned China's actions and steps to contain the virus in its initial stages. And it leaves experts to wonder if the recent increase in numbers is anything to be trusted.

US President Donald Trump, French President Emmanuel Macron and UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab, are but a few top officials who have had public bust up against China and the Virus.

Content created and supplied by: Dan-Vee (via Opera News )

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