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The Public Purse Is Leaking; Johnnie Hughes Massively Descends On Akufo-Addo Over Corruption

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Johnnie Hughes, host of Johnnie’s Bite on TV3 has said there have been several corruption activities or incidence under the leadership of President Nana Addo and that has resulted in the corruption index of 43 in 2021 which is higher than it is in 2017 and 2018. The journalist says the President has not done enough to deal with the numerous corruption incidence that happened under his leadership.

The journalist cited a lot of corruption incidence that happened under Nana Addo’s government that has seen no one getting punished for. According to him, all of this has resulted in the bad rating of the corruption perception index for 2021. He also questioned why the government has not been accountable enough to the people of Ghana as he thinks that breeds corruption.

“Where is the COVID-19 account? Where is the accountability of COVID-19 funds paid at the airport? We are stagnated in our corruption fight. Does the perception come from the PDS scandal which no one has been held responsible? The AGYAPA deal, who has been held accountable? Is that the protection of the public purse? Now, the public purse is leaking. Missing excavators, contract for sale, and others, who have been held accountable for all those corruption activities that happened under President Nana Addo?” Johnnie Hughes said today on Johnnie’s Bite on Tv3.

The journalist also questioned why almost no one gets punished for the numerous corruption incidence that happens at various governmental agencies. 

“Every year, the auditor general issue a report citing a lot of corruption incidence that occurred at the various governmental agencies but who gets punished? Almost every one of them gets away with their corruption allegation year in year out and that’s accounting for our poor corruption perception index now.” He said.

Moreover, Johnnie mentioned that corruption is very rampant under the leadership of Nana Addo and he expects the President and the Special Prosecutor to quickly put measures in place to tackle the corruption in the country.

“Its no longer perception, the corruption is very rampant under the President's leadership. Mr. President, I want to see you holding people accountable. I want the system to deal with them. Mr. Special Prosecutor, I want you to see you working more to deal with the corruption under this government.” Mr. Johnnie Hughes concluded.

Do you think the President has failed in his fight against corruption?

Do you think the Public purse is now leaking like Johnnie is claiming?

Do you remember any corruption incidences under President Nana Addo's leadership? Mention some below.

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