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Assemblymen Who Took Money To Approve CCMA MCE Should Be Punished; Taking Bribe Is Punishable By Law

This act from these Assemblymen in the Cape Coast Metropolitan Assembly should be invited by the police service and be dealt with the law of the country. No one can dispute the fact that what they have done goes against the law of the land, even though they have returned the money paid to them.

On the 7th of October, 2021 a group of Assemblymen in the Cape Coast Metropolitan Assembly organized a conference infront of the assembly to return the alleged money that were to them by the former MCE and also the current nominee, Ernest Arthur for this year's Metropolitan Assembly elections to approve or confirm him.

This group of over 20 Assemblymen led by Mr Usman Abbam Egyin at the news conference made it known to the people of Cape Coast and beyond that, the speculations that some assmblemen have taken money from the president’s nominee, Ernest Arthur and have still voted against him has been denting their image. And for the reason they have decided to bring back all the money that were given to them in the form of gifts.

The Assemblymen Presenting the Envelope

According the them, all the money given them have been collated individually into a brown envelop and they want the President's nominee to take back his gifts. They said that “Everyone is pointing accusing fingers at us that we, the assembly members have taken money."

These group also added that, “This is the envelop and we are making sure we deliver the full amount to Ernest Arthur, the president’s nominee that we don’t need the money.”

This is of course a very great decision and a bold step they have taken. Of course making this public for every Ghana to see that they have returned shows how honest they are but the initial decision they took by accepting the so called gift (money) from the MCE nominee is against the law of the land of Ghana.

The law of the land states that, section 296(5) of the Criminal Procedure Code (Amendment) Act , 1965 (Act 261) clearly states that accepting or giving a bribe to influence a public official or Juror is an offence and the penalty for such offence is imprisonment for a term not exceeding 25 years.

These Assemblymen should be arrested or invited by the police for further investigation to save Ghanaians from being ridiculed by other countries. The fact that they came out yesterday to give back the money to the nominee implies that they took bribe to approve him. We are now yet to hear from him Ernest Arthur if truly he gave such amount of money to these Assemblymen.

Mr Ernest Arthur

Meanwhile Ernest Arthur is still yet to be approved. All the two elections did not go in his favor. The next election is scheduled to take place on the 11th of October of this month.

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