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Reshuffling Alone will not solve our problems – Kwadwo Mpiani

Previous Chief of Staff, Mr. Kwadwo Mpiani has voiced his perspective on the calls for clerical reshuffling.

Mr. Mpiani said the reshuffling of Ministers in essence may not settle the ongoing hardships the nation is confronted with.

Talking in a meeting on PM Express on Wednesday, he said the primary thing we ought to consider is what the required reshuffle is intended to accomplish.

"You need to reshuffle and for what reason would you like to do that? is it since the people who are in there are not taking care of their responsibilities competently and in this manner, you need to transform them or you maintain that should do it for reshuffle?" he tested.

He noted if a reshuffle is embraced only for doing as such, no outcomes will be accomplished.

Mr. Mpiani was adding to conversations on the requirement for a clerical reshuffle following a few approaches President Akufo-Addo to do as such.

The President has anyway precluded any reshuffle. As per him, there is no avocation for the interest

'A significant number of them have accomplished remarkable work' - Akufo-Addo rejects calls for an ecclesiastical reshuffle

Talking in a meeting on North Star Radio in Tamale as a component of his two-day visit through the Northern Region, the President said he is dazzled with his nominees.

"A considerable lot of them for me have accomplished exceptional work. Their result has been significant, and that is the very thing I see," he said.

He additionally asserted that the calls for reshuffling may likewise accompany ulterior intentions.

NDC needs to weaken my administration - Akufo-Addo on reshuffling Ministers

He, accordingly, expressed that he won't notice to plans of the NDC to undermine his administration.

"The calls come for a wide range of reasons; NDC needing to undermine the public authority is one. Some individuals are likewise searching for occupations."

Mr. Mpiani, in response, utilized a situation of a football match-up to expound his point.

"In football, the mentor; chooses his group, he watches them and as they play the football he concludes who ought to be in and who ought to be out. If the mentor trusts that the people who are in are getting along admirably, it is left for the mentor to permit them to remain in."

He, in any case, expressed that with the choice taken by the mentor, "he ought to know the outcomes of his activity.

That's what he added "assuming the mentor accepts that the group he has is awesome, who am I sitting outside to say that he lacks the best group."

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