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Bagbin, Haruna and Munkata betrayed NDC – Sammy Gyamfi

Public Communications Officer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Sammy Gyamfi hosts the get-together has been double-crossed by the Speaker of Parliament, Alban Bagbin, and the authority of the NDC gathering in the House. 

Sammy Gyamfi said Speaker Bagbin, Minority Leader Haruna Iddrissu and Member of Parliament for Asawase Muntaka Mubarak, audaciously challenged the administration of the gathering and deceived the aggregate useful for their egotistical interest. 

The purpose behind his remarks is indistinct. 

In a Facebook post, Mr Gyamfi said, "Friends, the disloyalty we have endured in the possession of the Speaker of Parliament, Rt. Hon. Alban Bagbin, the authority of our parliamentary gathering, especially Hon. Haruna Iddrissu and Hon. Muntaka Mubarak, and many our own MPs, is the thing that fortifies me to buckle down for the incomparable NDC to recapture power." 

"They audaciously challenged the administration of the gathering and sold out the aggregate useful for their narrow minded interest. What's more, we should not allow them to prevail in their parochial journey to annihilate the NDC, the gathering that has accomplished such a great deal for them and we all. The disgrace they host united on the get will always balance like a hindrance. 

"These are difficult situations for us all yet we ought not let the treachery of a couple extinguish our adoration for the incomparable NDC. Or maybe, let it reinforce us to battle for this gathering. We as a whole host an equivalent stake in this get-together. They are not many, we are many. Some have sold their inner voice however our own is flawless. Furthermore, we can cooperate to remake the gathering from the remains of 3 March 2021, which I call "Dark Wednesday "- Our day of self-exacted disgrace. 

"This is the ideal opportunity for us to demand the correct changes in the initiative of the NDC bunch in parliament or disregard them totally. The current administration have lost their ethical power to lead and are not fit to sit on the front seat of the NDC side of the house. All the more critically, it's no time like the present we comprehended that we don't have any NDC Speaker of Parliament. No, we don't! We have a Speaker who rode on the rear of the NDC into office to seek after his own parochial plan and that's it. You confide in them at your own hazard." 

"The wolves in sheep's clothing can decide to stay tranquil or even denounce us for making some noise so they can stay in the great books of the mavericks. Yet, I and all who are tormented by this demonstration of selling out won't stay silent on the grounds that we don't fear anybody and don't wish to be in their acceptable books. In the event that they can challenge the gathering authority and interest straightforwardly and subject we all to public mocking, at that point they can and should likewise be called out transparently. The NDC party is incomparable and it should be scrubbed. 

"Shout out, we can and should! Also, let no one substitute our direction. In any case, no matter what, we should work for the NDC energetically and strength. Extinguish not your adoration for the gathering. Expectation should not kick the bucket. This tempest will pass. The NDC will endure and will bob back more grounded for triumph. So I say to you, be solid!"

See the post below: 

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