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Oliver Barker - It Will Be a Stain On Our Democracy If We Do Not Prosecute And Impeach Him Now.

The controversial issue which has been lingering for a while now has got to do with the newest rankings which stipulates that, Ghana has dropped significantly in position in terms of Press Freedom Index. This has undoubtedly sparked massive stir among Ghanaians across all social media platforms.

Fixthecountry convener, Oliver Barker-Vormawor has given his bold message in accordance to the rankings. In a recent post, Oliver Barker-Vormawor , a community organizer at the Fixthecountry movement said he feels there is a need to rant because in retrospect, Ghana's press freedom is at its lowest ever in its democracy. Oliver further left this bold message on his social media page.

"The reason why Nana Akufo-Addo has still not been impeached for the havoc he has done to our democracy is because his regime is still sustained by the elite consensus that brought him to power. He has bought off the Press; and those he hasn’t bought, he threatens, jails or kills. He has built a Church for the Clergy; and sorted the rest out with V8s. We must impeach the fella! He cannot leave office unscatched for what has happened to our democracy. And when he leaves, there is so much to prosecute him for. He must see the inside of a jail cell. It will forever be a stain on our democracy if he finishes term of office and he walks off into the sunset to retire on the millions stolen. If we liberals; neutrals; middle class and all those caught in elite circles choose the side of silence, we are the worst enablers of this regime!"

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