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#FixTheCountry Convener, Questions Why Rebecca Akuffo-Addo Is Using "Coat of Arms" Letterhead. PIC

Ghanaians have reacted with fury over the decision by the country’s parliament to award £2,500-a-month salaries to the wives of the president and vice-president as the country faces economic turbulence.

Rebecca Akufo-Addo, 70, the first lady, and Samira Bawumia, 40, the wife of the vice-president, will get the same money as a cabinet minister for their supportive roles in government, with payments backdated four years under a move approved by a parliamentary committee.

Fast forward, the salaries had already been paid them, even as the country were engaging in the debate, but thanks to the immediate calls by the Trade Unions Congress (TUC), to the President Nana Addo, to refund the monies, Rebecca Akuffo-Addo has heeded to their call, and has since been forced to do the needful.

The First Lady, Rebecca Akufo-Addo whose press statements, interestingly uses the word, "rejection," of the emoluments approved to be paid to her by parliament, as she cites public outcry laced with negative opinions seeking to portray the first lady in a different light and this is welcoming news to many who thought she never deserved this in the first place.

Interestingly however, the press release to announce this refund, was contained on an official state letterhead, that had the "Coat of Arms" embossed on it and this is what the convener of #FixTheCountry, have a serious problem with.

#FixTheCountry Convener

In a Facebook post by Barker H Vogues, where he employs wits and humour and seemingly mocking the decision of the First Lady, he writes that:

"Neho! Call me pedantic but should the First Lady be using the Coat of Arms? It’s not a public office, or?

Also, nearly 1 million cedis had been paid out illegally? No interest? No accounting for depreciation?!

Let’s wait for Samira, then Lordina and Matilda. Will we get it from Naadu and Konadu too? Or only Madam p3 bore.

Is Arkaah’s wife alive?

In Re Public Purse," he wrote.

Commentary following his post, have included the following:

Efo Koku Apedzego writes "If out of anger, she is refunding our monies to us, even including that of 2017, then she should repay with interest, and also repay other expenses including healthcare etc.... our out cry was on placing them under Article 71 holders but If she has decided to go this line, then she must refund all..."

Rencē Mawuli Apaloo writes "Besides she also performs public duties in support of her husband? She wouldn’t be that idle. She also deserves some public honor"

Kwaku Duah Jnr writes "You like attention koraa too much! What's the relevance of the Coat Of Arms? The monies you ranted over is going to be refunded and not receive any other. Deal with that!"

Avni Ketki writes "MTN Builds GHC478,000 Classroom Block For Nhyiaeso Community. How many classrooms are these people sitting on. boi!!!"

Andrews Kwaku Sarfo writes "I thank God for this. God is good. The pressure is working paaaaaa #fixthecountry #fixthecountrynow Asem oooo Ghana

Ahmad Muhammad Awal writes "he's refunding the monies back. Isn't it good enough?? Mtchwww"

Jonas Asante writes "she should also be facing charges for money laundering and dishonestly receiving for receiving the criminally paid monies.........."

Choralist Pojoba Brian Kobby writes "Wo yare! Former first ladies and sitting ones started collecting such monies since 1992, you only see this as illegal yh. Again wo yare!

Sharon Akumiah writes "There seems to be a confusion as to what is an allowance and what is a salary. The first lady is not employed by the State"

Papa Kwame Owusu III writes "The letter looks fake with no reference no"

Richard Boahen writes "Read the letter well and demand that of Lordina Mahama and other former First Ladies."

Gabby Phish writes "Massa stop this bull crap and goal post shifting. what is illegal about receiving allowances? you should be calling on Mahama to direct his wife to refund all the allowances she received"

Kafui Dedume writes "The abuse of everything"

Sulley Laari Musah writes "At least we have made a step in #fixthecountrynow. Together Ghana will work and these politicians shall reason."

Salifu Lukman writes "So were from this coat of arms issue coming from? You ankasa your problem big"

Rencē Mawuli Apaloo writes "Then we go catch Naa Morkor Busia and Adeline Akufo-Addo. Fathia dierr she dey the Accra Old Polo grounds naaa"

Sedem M Garvey writes "So 899,000÷54 months = 16,648.14814814814. that's Rebecca Akuffo Addo's allowance alone per month . What type of allowance is this ?? What job do they do to warrant this amount of money as allowance per month ??"

Mawusi Ashiagbor writes "What was Woyome's crime again? A bird just whispered to me that he (Woyome) is been prosecuted for receiving money he didn't work for. Anyways, we serve a forgiving God. Ha!

Kwame Panyin Bansah writes "Accounting for depreciation on cash paid out?"

Godwin Dzah writes "A return or a refund? "

Pj Moore writes "This is the crazy route some of you guys are taking our country. And it’s ugly. Reverse to common sense."

James Quophy Wumenu writes "Samira too should get angry and refund hers. Shameless politicians"

Aadime Jaisey writes "“Allowance” for 4 years is amounting to over 500,000.00?? Herh... ordinary Ghanaian, take heart!

Efua Oyikwan writes "So that’s about 15-16k GH a month as an allowance. I’m learning today that this is possibly given as a token from the office of the President. I wouldn’t be so outraged tbh of this were true. An allowance which I think past governments may have (or may have not) done is perfectly fine to m (debatable though). What we cannot do afford is treat them as Article 71 holders when they are not. Bridget Biney what was that fantastic point you made again linking paying women to this topic."

Prosper Tetteh writes "Pls it's her personal decision. Leave the others in peace. The Prof Ntiamoa-Baidu Committee should be blamed for their disservice to Ghana"

Don Dela writes "coat of arms ...that ppl are using for wedding invite? tweaa"

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