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We have no excuse: Sam George boldly speaks to parliamentarians and the incumbent government

Sam George has spoken about his colleague parliamentarians and the sitting government. His statement majorly had to do with the situations at hand and how there is no kind of improvement in the year 2022.

The previous year was not all green and the government had made several promises to the country or citizens on how the affairs of the country would be steered.

It is 2022 and the rate of unemployment as well as several other issues have been persistent and it is high time we address these issues.

According to him, there is never a time that Ghanaians do not complain about the system they find themselves in and that is all due to the poor economic management.

Speaking about many issues including Ghana’s loss at the AFCON games yesterday, he stated that when a government is competent, if reflects in every aspect as well.

We have no excuse for the failures we see as Ghanaians, he stated.

Speaking from the things he has witnessed recently, he claims the homelessness and joblessness is overwhelming because he has people entering his dm all the time.

And these are people who are actually pleading for help or assistance for jobs and when he sees the kind of qualification they have and getting no jobs, he becomes sad.

The youth on the street who are vandalizing themselves and killing each other are doing this not because they will not like to work but because there are no jobs.

The recent vanadalism in Nima is an example of such instances according to Sam George and it is time we kill the depressing and confusing state of this country that is forcing the youth into these acts.

The manner in which reporters from Nima claim the youth are vandalizing and forcing gangs for notoriety explains how the government seems to be failing at grooming and supporting the youth.

He v CB asked out the government and all officials of state including the parliamentarians in a very humble and respectful way to act now before matters get worse.

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