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Why is The Ghana Card and Voter ID Still Not Acceptable For Registrations?

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It is still confusing. Why is it that mobile money merchants, bank operators, covid-19 vaccination coordinators and other institutions don't accept the Voter's ID and ECOWAS card popularly known as Ghana card as an authentic mode of identification?

It has been barely 6 months now since the Ghana card and the new voter ID card were issued to the majority of Ghanaians, especially those at age 18 and above. The voter's ID has been one of the identification cards since time immemorial. It used to be one of the widely used cards for mobile money registration, creating bank accounts, registering a business and filling forms. Nowadays, its use has become cumbersome and more restricted. It all started when the new registration was done on this card. The new voter ID is not accepted for transactions as it was earlier. A similar case is the Ghana card. Image 2: New voter's ID card

A few weeks ago, I went to the Covid-19 vaccination centre with my Ghana card and my new Voter's ID card. When it was my turn to relay my details to the coordinator, I brought out my Ghana Card only for me to be told that it wasn't an accepted card for that exercise. I replaced it with the new Voter's ID and that was also rejected. I was confused. If these two cards can't guarantee my identity as a Ghanaian, then, I perceive them as invalid. Also, if they can't prove my identity, then, why did I go joining a long queue amid the stress to register to have them?

As if that wasn't enough, banks keep on rejecting these ID cards during accounts creation and other transactions. And no apparent reason is given regarding the rejections. I think the public should be made know why the Ghana Card and the new voter's ID cards cannot be used in most transactions. Besides, we should be clear on the instances these identification cards can be used and the times they can't be used.

This will help customers and perhaps, cardholders not to subject themselves to rejections at the banks, filling forms and merchant points. If you have ever been in a situation where you couldn't register your SIM card or create a bank account or get yourself vaccinated because of the presentation of the Ghana Card and the new voter's ID, share your story with us in the comment box.

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