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When Earthly Power And Wealth Bows Before Jehovah

Earthly wealth or money naturally makes a lot of people arrogant and proud in so many ways. They talked and do things as if the very life itself belongs to them when in reality their very existence is based on the availability of the next breath of God's natural oxygen

It was King Nebuchadnezzar who grew so powerful in wealth and resources that he thought he was his own God until God brought him down to a level where he was chewing grass. So no matter how powerful or wealthy one is, it's important to remain humble and to understand that your wealth is supposed to be a blessing to others and not a curse or tool for destroying the lives of others.

In this regard, it was very heartwarming to see people like Dr. Oteng Kwaku kneeling in the presence of God before all to appreciate and give glory to God for his life and the fact that he has added another full year to his life

Dr. Kwaku Oteng is the owner and the president of Angel Group of companies

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Kwaku Oteng Nebuchadnezzar Oteng


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