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It's Tax Payers Money; Presidential Jet To Fly To France For Maintenance Faces Some Resistance

Netizens expressed their displeasure on social media after hearing the rumors on the government's decision to send the presidential jet to France for repairs.

They explained that the president had travelled several times without using the presidential jet, according to their shared perspectives and don’t see the reason why the jet must fly to France for maintenance.

The president's preference for a fancy jet over the presidential jet has alarmed not only netizens but rather some prominent men like North Tongu MP Ablakwa who spoke several times on this issue.

Furthermore, over the years, the Ranking Member of the Foreign Affairs Committee has also disclosed their displeasure over the President for not using the presidential jet for his foreign trips. He had anticipated the high cost of a luxurious private plane and blamed the administration of being able to afford such costly visits.

Where do you think the government will obtain the money to pay for all of these trips? One of the reasons why netizens are upset about the move is because it is funded by tax payers.

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