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Top 10 Most Beautiful African Flags, An Unexpected Country Occupy First Position

The flag is a piece of cloth bearing the colors, emblems of a nation, government, group or leader and which is attached to a pole so that it can deploy and float for service. of sign, rallying and symbol.

This article will shed some light on some of the most beautiful African flags, when adopted, along with their unique meanings. Among these flags, we can retain: the flag of Mozambique, Burundi, Uganda, Liberia, Swaziland, DR Congo, Rwanda, South Africa and Cape Verde.

1. Flag of mozambique

The flag of Mozambique shows a number of detailed colors. Basically the colors are red, black, white and yellow. It features a rifle and hoe of AK-47, placed on top of an open book. It was founded on 1 May 1983 and is similar in design in Mozambique's main flag. What are Mozambique's flag symbols?

The green color symbolizes the richness of a country in terms of its agricultural productivity, while the white strips represent its people's payroll and the black ones. The yellow color represents the country's mineral resources. In the struggle for independence, Red also stands for bloodshed. The rifle is a symbol of defense and vigilance, while the hoe identifies agriculture in the country, it underlines the importance of education and the Yellow Star, finally, is the guiding principle of Marxism and internationalism.

2. Flag of DR Congo

Congo has one of Africa's most beautiful flags to be proud of. The colors of sky blue, red and jaw are well arranged and well mixed. The rectangular sky blue flag was engraved on the upper left side with a bright yellow star diagonally divided into yellow fibers by a red strip. The DR Congo flag was taken into account in 2006.

3. Burundian Flag

The Burundian flag saw light of day after it gained independence in June 1967. It is characterized at first sight by a white jumper, which divides it into alternating red and green regions. The center of the flag connects the white saltire with a white disk made of 3 red, six-pointed, green stars.

4. Flag of Uganda

Uganda took flag on 9 October 1962 following independence from the United Kingdom. This flag has six equal bands of black, yellow, and red horizontal and a number of bands following the progression mentioned above.

5. South Africa

In the 1994 general election the flag of South Africa was adopted. It was approved in 1928 to replace it. The color is black, red, yellow, green and white.

6. Flag of Liberia

7. Swaziland

8. Rwanda

9. Kenya

10. Cape Verde

In conclusion, there are the most wonderful and unique flags in the world in the African continent. The above flags are not only used as an identity symbol for each state, but are also symbols for the people of every country.

Which country do you think should have made the list? Don't forget to share your opinions with us

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