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What a chief cannot do in public

Chiefs play important roles in the African traditional setting. They have ascribed status in society and as a result distinguish themselves among members of the community.

The are selected by nature by virtue of their bloodline. Irrespective of ones economic status in society, one cannot become a chief if one is not selected by nature to be born into the royal family.

They are nurtured and trained by special people called royal trainers. They are told from infancy to behave differently from others and to serve as role-models.

Chiefs are trained to shoulder societal problems.

Among the roles chiefs are expected to play in the society are: Conflict resolution, land administration, spiritual leadership, commander of the traditional army.

For chiefs to be able to live up to these expectations, he is prohibited from some acts in the society. Among these are as follows:

1. A chief is not to eat in public. Unlike his subjects who can comfortably grind pepper and ginger plus onion and fish at the chopbars, he is prohibited from enjoying his meals at this public places.

2. A chief is not supposed to fight. A chief's behavior must be the standard upon which others are measured. He is therefore not to engage in open brawl. This is to enable him punish those who do that and are brought to his palace.

3. A chief is not also allowed to engage in menial jobs such as going for "by day" or contract weeding. A chief can only engage in highly dignified jobs ( managerial position) in order to command respect in the community.

4. A chief is also not to engage in any form of debate publicly. This is why chiefs do not do politics. This helps them to be seen as father's of all.

4. He is also not to be seen barefooted in public. It is a taboo.

A chief who commits any of the above ceases to be a chief.


By: jmahama

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