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4 Things Human Right Activists Should Look Into

New things have occured lately, LGBTQI+ is not an exception, with several activists fighting for its legalization, there has been a bit of tension as son members of Parliament were being denied the opportunity of being issued visa to travel, Mr. Sam Dzata George is not an exception, meanwhile Lawyer Francis Xavier Sosu has kicked against the idea of refusing to pass the bill as he termed it as an action against human rights.

Recently, there was an agitation for an Anglican Pastor to be sacked for Kissing three Girls during a gathering amidst covid-19.

But I believe there are other pressing issues human right activists should be fighting.

To begin with, human right activists should ensure University Students See their Answer booklets after they are marked.

The University has become a 'maafia' place due to this development, some lecturers deliberately fail students because they know these students won't see their answer booklets to be able to judge if they were fairly treated, some lecturers don't mark papers, they just dump them somewhere and award marks based on impressions about students or their surnames, others just focus on recency effects.

This should be the focus on some activists such as education watch. Recently, I overheard students discussing at Aamusted-Kumasi campus and it was that some students are awarded classes based on their dressing and whether they ask questions in class, should that be the case? Far below the belt. I will also use this opportunity to urge some lecturers to b humble, their attitude is uncalled for.

Also, the Cost of Renting: Most people have issues with renting based on the cost or the rate of extortion, this has compelled people to offer themselves to some landlords to be abused sexually and as a result get pregnant or feel some level of psychological trauma.

Furthermore, Illegal Immigration and Use of Ghanaian Documents: Lately, the Upper West Regional Division of Ghana Immigration Service had deported over 50 Illegal Immigrants attempting to enter the country without proper documents, these people were sent back, that's a fantastic move, but there are other foreigners who have overstayed the 90 days welcome here as permitted by the ECOWAS Laws of the country, these people have forced themselves on us and have become by-force Ghanaians, the development has resulted in some illegalities happening in the country without traces as such people find it difficult to survive yet must survive. The Human Right Activists should hold the Ghana Immigration service responsible to ensure that the right thing is done and always. Recently, we have been swing a lot of beggars on the streets of Ghana, where are they from, how did they get inn here? This is surprising amidst covid-19, such people have had the opportunity because of the lose nature of our borders.

Lastly, Charging exorbitant hostel fees in universities should be checked, we need to be human and express humanity for once, why punish ourselves by demanding the unimaginable? A 'poor' student tasked to pay Ghc2, 500 annually or Ghc1,700 annually as hostel fees is uncalled for, something more than the fees of the student for a year, we are actually our own enemies and God is watching.

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