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Why is Dr Stephen Opuni's case dragging on for so long?

Many people are of the view that we can't develop as a country unless we deal with the canker of corruption. It has been the main source of the drainage of our national resources. But what can be done about it? I am of the view that those caught in corrupt practices are not punished heavily enough to deter others.

One other thing too is how some of these cases are prosecuted. They have become tools in the hands of the politicians. The political prosecution of these cases doesn't send us anywhere. It will only drag on for long without any tangible results.

One of such cases that have been of keen interest to me is the case involving former Cocobod CEO Dr Stephen Opuni. He has been accused of causing financial loss to the state during his tenure of office as CEO in the procurement of the lithovit fertilisers for cocoa farmers. This has become a bone of contention between the government and Dr Opuni. The case has dragged on for so long and I don't understand why.

If there is ample evidence, why has the case dragged on for so many years? Is political victimisation at play? Because of this case, an indigenous bank was collapsed because the majority shareholder De Seidu Agongo was involved in the procurement of the lithovit fertilizer. He has been declared unfit to own a bank by the bank of Ghana. Should that be enough reason for that bank to be collapsed? He is reported to have links with the opposition NDC. Are there political dimensions to this case and many others?

If that is the case, then the future looks very murky for us as a country.

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