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Captain Smart's Led Fix The Country Demonstration. Are The Authorities Going To Allow Them?

According to Captain Smart, the National Democratic Congress's recent ku yen preko demonstration was simply a tactic by the two major parties to cease prosecuting each other as long as the two parties remain the people's choice. He has also stated on his social media that the genuine remedy for the country demonstration, which has yet to be planned, is in the works and would soon pour out of the tap. He's even started a WhatsApp group to recruit individuals to join the campaign on August 4, 2021.

Now, there is a new version termed delta, which is relevant to Covid-19 and even authorized claims. Are the authorities going to let the led Captain Smart fix the country campaign run its course, just as they let the National Democratic Congress do theirs, or are they going to sabotage it with Covid protocols? If something similar occurs on August 4th, it will be a clear indication that the administration is unwilling to listen to the youth's cries.

The youth are hurting, and males who are about to marry stand out because their pockets are empty. The cost of living is rising, rent and utilities are rising, food prices are rising, everything is rising, but earnings are not rising.

If, as they claim, demonstration is the only language that a government understands, then let us set politics aside and express our concerns in a more peaceful manner, free of insults.

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